At The Somerset Coffee Co, we pick the finest beans from across the planet and roast them in the heart of Somerset to create the lushest coffee; we then serve it in our beautiful coffee house in Somerton.

We believe roasting coffee is an art and a science, so we combine traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology to ensure each-and- every roast we produce is perfect every time.

Come coffee tasting in our coffee house. We have twelve different coffees on the tasting menu at any one time. From a Colombian Organic House roast to specialities from Java, South America and Vietnam. We also sell luscious cakes including gluten free and vegan options and great tea.

You can also purchase coffee from us to take home; we specialise in rare and unique coffees so if there is something you need just ask.

The Somerset Coffee Co. - Coffee Roasters, Coffee Luvvers - Somerton, Somerset

The concept of roasting coffee and then creating a tasting menu was inspired by our passion for coffee and the good things in life.

There are so many subtle flavours and tastes to coffee which are born of the roasting process, the whole art fascinates me. I have also been an avid coffee drinker for many years and wanted to share the love of good coffee with others.


Co Owner , The Somerset Coffee Co.

From the ‘Cheeky Brazilian’ that has a nutty flavour with chocolatey aftertaste to the ‘Fruity Guatemalan’ with flavours of butter, apple cider, plums and apricots, the menu includes beans from Asia, Africa and South America.

We are also working with The Somerset Wine Co. to bring visitors Somerset’s
smallest wine cellar. Housed onsite in the coffee house, the wine cellar or cupboard stocks high-quality wines from around the world.

The Lush One – Organic House Roast (M)

  • Organic, rainforest alliance certified Colombian roast
  • Fruit-forward, lush flavours of apple and berry, ripe blackberry and stone fruits with underlying notes of white chocolate

Cheeky Brazilian (M)

  • Mild and light, low acidity
  • Nutty, sweet flavour with chocolatey aftertaste

The Kenyan – (M)

  • Kenyan AA 100% Arabica coffee
    fruity acidity and lots of sweetness

The Fragrant Colombian – (M)

  • Beautiful notes of sweet tangerine, raw sugar, and roasted walnuts
  • Smooth and light, with a refreshingly mellow, clean
    character and a wonderful aroma

Fruity Guatemalan – (M)

  • lovely deep ripe sweetness, flavour notes overflowing with fruit notes such as peaches, apple cider, plums and apricots
  • lovely long sweet finish, with flavours of butter and well balanced chocolaty malt acidity

Sultry Sumatran Blend (M)

  • Low acidity with spicy rich bold notes of chocolate. A popular all rounder

The Exotic Trio (M)

  • complex coffee blended from Brazilian, Honduran and Indonesian beans


The Organic Swiss Water Sumatran Decaf (M)

  • Rainforest alliance, swiss water decaf from Sumatran beans
  • For coffee luvvers who won’t compromise on taste

The Bold One (M/D)

  • robust, spicy, intensely fruity blend with hints of bitter-sweet chocolate, blueberries and wild honey in a big, bold body blend of Sumatran, Costa Rican and Brazilian beans

Old Brown Java (M/D)

  • musky complex aromas are matched by rustic earthy flavour notes with a long finish and big body this is a connoisseurs’ coffee
  • our beans are aged for 6 years before roasting

The South American Gobsmack (D)

  • blend of three coffees from Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia
  • Slight bitter kick to wake you and your taste buds up
  • 100% Vietnamese (D)
  • Long roasted for a much stronger French  flavour
  • For coffee luvvers that enjoy a strong rich roast

M- Medium roasts between 210°C and 220°C
D – Dark roasts between 240°C not exceeding 250°C

If you have any question please use the contact form or alternatively email

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